MS Illuminated

2020 has been a year of challenge. The world has been forced to reflect on our values, beliefs, and practices. Mississippians have taken this time as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to supporting each other.

Volunteers have come from far and wide, despite great personal risk, to ensure that those in need have what they need to be safe.

Nonprofits have worked tirelessly to ensure their services continue to be available, despite having to shift their operations.

Philanthropies have distributed millions of dollars to organizations to ensure they can continue working tirelessly to support their local communities, despite having to modify structures and pull from reserve funds.

Leaders have instituted new policies and shifted budgets to ensure all citizens are safe and their well-being is protected, despite political and economic risks.
Mississippi’s collective action has kept the darkest storms from hitting and planted seeds for future prosperity. These acts need to be illuminated! When the narrative of 2020 is written, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that it accounts for the seeds of hope.

The Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy and Volunteer Mississippi are best situated to aggregate and disseminate these stories. Often, when narratives about MS are written they lean on negative indicators. The Alliance’s mission and strategic partnerships make us the most appropriate institution in the state to ensure that the 2020 narrative is captured fully.