The Ally: September 2020 – Tammy Golden

Tammy Golden
Executive Director
Growing Up Knowing

The Benefits of Membership

To me, Membership with the MS Alliance means inspiration, connectedness, education, and community. As the new Executive Director for Growing Up Knowing, I knew I needed to step up my game regarding leadership skills and the day to day management of a nonprofit agency. I also needed to find “my people,” those folks with more and different experiences than mine, who also face similar struggles and challenges.

I had no idea when I began with Growing Up Knowing in January that just two months later, I would be packing up my office to work from home. All those meetings and luncheons to build relationships were put on hold. Our programming calendar was canceled. I had no idea what the rest of the spring or summer would look like.

Before the lockdown, I did have the opportunity to take advantage of a few in-person training classes with The Alliance. These were extremely beneficial, as they focused on grant writing and fundraising. Who knew that just a few short weeks after my last training, I would be home spending the bulk of my days writing LOIs and Grant Proposals? Thank goodness for the training I received at The Alliance! I continue to participate in training webinars and have found them extremely helpful.

One of the things I have appreciated the most is the relationship with other Nonprofit Warriors across the state. I made meaningful connections at the first Quarterly Meeting of 2020, putting faces to names and learning more about all that The Alliance has to offer. The Weekly Webinars during COVID have been a great place to hear from others doing good work and getting into “good trouble.” Membership with The Alliance, especially during the pandemic, has given me the feeling of community. Each Thursday, I can Zoom with folks who are doing the same thing I am: trying to continue their missions in this extraordinary time. Thinking outside the box and getting it done. It has not only helped me make critical professional connections but continues to inspire me daily.

The price of membership with The MS Alliance is so small compared to the benefits I have received. The Alliance understands the budget constraints of most nonprofits, and the discount pricing on training has allowed me to participate more than I would otherwise. The Alliance continues to offer support, education, and invaluable resources during these trying times. I can’t imagine trying to navigate 2020 without them!