The Ally: September 2020 – Sammy Moon

Sammy Moon
The MS Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy

Note from the Executive Director

There is no question that we are all being challenged in ways we could never have imagined. With political divisiveness, social unrest, economic challenges, education disruptions, the COVID-19 global pandemic, out-of-control fires in the West, and hurricanes,  what we assumed to be routine and somewhat predictable has been turned upside down and inside-out.  Stress levels and anxiety are the new daily normal.

I say all this to acknowledge that we ALL feel overwhelmed and anxious, not only when we deal with our current daily activities, but also when we think about what the future may bring.  These feelings are entirely normal, and they are shared by others in our state and nation.

When we acknowledge these feelings and realize they are indeed normal, we become even more committed to doing what we do best, which is to reach out and help our fellow citizens when their needs and challenges are greater than ever!  Because we are engaged in nonprofit and philanthropic work, we are called on to “up our game” during times like these. We all have done that.  Please know The Alliance recognizes, appreciates, and celebrates the incredibly good work being done throughout the state!

This edition of The Ally is focused on the benefits associated with being a member of The Alliance.  Our job is to provide training, technical assistance, consulting, and other services and products to help you be successful.  In addition to these regular Alliance offerings, we are committed to identifying other unique benefits and opportunities to strengthen your efforts.  These “benefits of membership” are made available to all Alliance members.

We will continue to seek out and enhance the member benefits, and I encourage you to check out our website – – and review the available services.  If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Maribeth Kitchings at

Continue to stay safe, and thanks for doing what you do best – caring for others!  We appreciate you.

Sammy Moon
Executive Director