Consultation Scope & Sequence

The Alliance is eager to provide you with the opportunity to provide meaningful services to nonprofits and philanthropies in Mississippi. Before you can start that work there are several steps that need to be completed, which are outlined below. If at any time you need assistance, please reach out to Dave Miller, Program Director ( Please do not begin any consultation without completing these steps. That would likely inhibit you from being compensated and might lead to the termination of our contract.

Thank you for being a vital partner in this important work, and sharing your expertise!

Step 1: Discuss this opportunity with Dave Miller.

Step 2: Complete the Consulting Scope and Sequence Form (do not obtain the client’s signature).

Step 3: Email the completed Consulting Scope and Sequence Form to Dave Miller for review.

Step 4: Complete this form that details how the Scope and Sequence are aligned to the National Principals & Standards for Nonprofits & Philanthropy (c).

Step 5: The Alliance will submit the Consulting Scope and Sequence Form to the Client for review.

Step 6: The Client will sign and return the Consulting Scope and Sequence Form to the Alliance.

Step 7: The Alliance will notify you when the Client has agreed to the terms.

*If there are any modifications or amendments that need to be made to the contract, you will be notified immediately and have the opportunity to review the requests.