How to Guide: Virtual Conferences

Wednesday, June 24th

1:00 – 2:30 PM

Mazarine Treyz

Course Description

Is your conference up in the air? Or are you going virtual, like AFP ICON had to? You’re not alone.

Mazarine has directed 8 online conferences, partnered with multiple universities, and gotten bigger and bigger sponsorships year over year with these events. She can give you all the benefits of her experience as your
nonprofit looks to deal with this challenging time, so you don’t lose revenue or engagement with your supporters.

Key Learning Objectives

  • 3 ways to promote the conference beforehand using cheap or free tools
  • How to help people see how exciting the event will be
  • Secrets to continue to offer value to your sponsors
  • Making sure everything goes smoothly on conference days
  • Next steps after the conference are over, to get people excited about the next event