Leadership Through Crisis

Wednesday, July 1st

9:00 – 10:30 AM

Christie Lawrence

Course Description

All organizations go through a “rough patch,” or crisis one time or another. It is just a normal part of business – even for a nonprofit organization. According to John Maxwell, international leadership guru, “Bad leadership during a crisis precipitates a faster fall while good leadership offers steadiness and perseverance.” This course is based on John Maxwell’s “Leading Through Crisis” course and offers core principles of managing a crisis situation, a visual of what real crisis leadership looks like, and identifies the importance of successful thinking habits.

Key Learning Objectives

State practical ways to maneuver through times of difficulty and adversity.
Identify the steps to effectively battle distractions during times of crisis and stress.
Describe at least two characteristics of what real leadership looks like in a crisis.
Identify three of the six stages of crisis management.
Be able to describe three of the seven tips or guiding principles for leading through a crisis.
Understand the impact of adopting successful thinking habits to think their way through any crisis.