The Board Assessment: Taking the Pulse of Governance in Action

Thursday, June 11th

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Jeffrey Wilcox

Course Description

A key responsibility of the board is to make sure it is supporting the chief executive and providing a fair and timely review of performance. But what about making sure the governance of the organization is also being reviewed and working just as effectively as it can for the advancement of the organization?

This one-hour overview of board assessments offers a framework for participants to consider the key elements of a reasonable review of board processes and governance. The results can provide facts and documented perceptions for creating a year-long board development strategy.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Lead a discussion that will result in conducting a board assessment
  • Complete a board assessment as part of an organizational commitment to accountability which also includes an organizational assessment and the executive performance review
  • Incorporate the results of a board assessment into a board development strategy
  • Formation of a governance committee if one does not currently exist