The Executive Director Performance Review

Thursday, June 18th

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Jeffrey Wilcox

Course Description

It can be extremely challenging for a board of directors to provide a timely, thoughtful, and fair evaluation of the chief professional officer. For some, the entire process can seem cumbersome and overwhelming. For others, it can be viewed as a political landmine. Yet, establishing an organizational process for setting goals, creating check-ins, and providing useful feedback lay the cornerstone for a culture of accountability and a commitment to developing and cultivating talent.

This one-hour overview of executive leadership performance planning and review provides a framework for board members and executives to begin conversations to construct a review process that reflects a year-round commitment to executive success, mutual accountability between management and governance, and a climate of talent development, retention, and succession.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Conduct a thoughtful executive performance review
  • Engage in a directed conversation between management and the board that results in a published strategy to co-create and sustain a culture of year-round accountability
  • Incorporate leadership succession planning into thoughtful long-range planning for the organization and its talent management