First Year Reflections from the Executive Director

Reflecting about the first year of The Alliance is an easy task, but condensing these reflections into a few brief paragraphs is almost impossible. Nonetheless, I will give it a try—beginning with the fact that seeing The Alliance created last April after two years or more of planning was truly a dream come true, and few of us have the opportunity to see dreams fulfilled. I consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed to have been part of the design, planning, strategizing, relationship building, and fundraising that was necessary to bring the idea to reality.  And, I continue to be honored that I was asked to be the first executive director.   

The team of professionals and the nonprofit and philanthropic leaders I get to work with on a daily basis is truly remarkable, and I am constantly in awe of the amazingly creative and impactful work being done every day in communities across the state. It is a constant reinforcement that the decision to bring philanthropy and nonprofits together under one organization was the right decision, not only for the members of The Alliance but also for the children, families, and communities we serve. 

The values that were identified for The Alliance during the planning process continue to drive our work: integrity, transparency, equity, inclusion, quality, flexibility, and customer service. It is my belief that as The Alliance has grown—in staff and organizational capacity and member services—these core values still drive the work while keeping us focused on our mission. 

The Board of Directors for The Alliance has been a remarkable group of committed and concerned individuals that have exhibited incredible focus, stamina, and vision for our work.  They have always insisted on best practices and results but have never shied away from innovation, creativity, and thinking outside the box.  For that we are grateful.

Thanks to our visionary and generous funders we are on stable financial ground, and the multi-year funding commitments that have been received along with the growing sense that our funders are truly partners in the work is astounding.  Over this past year, the sense that we are all in this business together and the understanding that the business we are in is about achieving better results for children, families, and communities has solidified.  

We are on a new journey together and we still have a long way to go, but if the first year is an indication of what is to come, I can honestly say it will be an exciting, adventurous, and inspiring trip!

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