Millsaps College Map

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  1. Millsaps Bell Tower
  2. Whitworth Hall
  3. Sanders Hall
  4. Franklin Residence Hall
  5. Becky Bacot Residence Hall
  6. Sanderson Residence Hall
  7. Franklin W. Olin Hall of Science
  8. Maurice C. Hall Activities Center
8a. Hangar Dome
  1. Twenty Field (Baseball)
  2. Tennis Courts
  3. Softball Field
  4. Intramural Field
  5. Track & Field / Soccer Facility
  6. James Observatory
  7. Ranager Field House
  8. Maintenance and Grounds
  9. Windgate Visual Arts Center
  10. Harper Davis Field
  11. English House
  12. Sullivan-Harrell Hall

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  1. A. Boyd Campbell College Center
21a. Leggett Living Room
21b. Lindsey Suite—3rd Floor
21c. Bookstore / Post Office—1st Floor
21d. Cafeteria—2nd Floor
  1. Sorority Lodges
  2. Millsaps-Wilson Library
  3. Gertrude C. Ford Academic Complex
  4. Murrah Hall
  5. Selby & Richard McRae Christian Center
  6. John Stone Hall
  7. Reuben’s
  8. John Hall
  9. Susanna Hall
  10. Charles Hall
  11. New South Residence Hall
32a. Campus Security
  1. Ezelle Residence Hall
  2. Fraternity Houses
  3. Goodman Residence Hall
  4. President’s Residence
  5. Buie House
  6. 38. Weems House

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