Trainer & Consultant Profile: Michael Dozier

Michael Dozier


Principal & Owner of Carrington, Holland & Leigh


Fun Facts

I love to play chess

I ran for political office twice

Additional Information

I work with various clients across the country and serve as a federal grant reviewer for the government.


Michael Dozier serves as the principal owner of Carrington, Holland & Leigh, LLC a nonprofit consulting company whose mission is to empower nonprofits and give businesses the opportunity to succeed. His expertise consists of the following:

  • Donor development
  • Fundraising
  • Major gift solicitation
  • Legal nonprofit compliance assistance
  • Peer to peer fundraising assistance
  • Developing nonprofit development offices for fund development
  • Board and fund development for general operational assistance
  • Effective Best Practice strategies for nonprofits
  • Executive director coaching and assistance
  • Developing effective policies and procedures documents as required by the IRS
  • Effective nonprofit internal controls assistance
  • Developing effective succession planning
  • Setting CEO salaries as required by the IRS
  • Comprehensive trainer for nonprofit members, volunteers, and other key stakeholders.


Grant Writing Certifications

Awards & Recognitions

Recognized by the Mississippi Business Journal as Outstanding Nonprofit CEO in 2005.

Lead organization recognized as Outstanding Small Nonprofit Organization by the Mississippi Business Journal in 2005.