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Sharon Griffin

Sharon Griffin

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Recognizing Good Work & Sharing it Publicly

Principle & Standard

6. Human Resources and Professional Development

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Course Description

This training allows us to look at some employee recognition program ideas, what it takes for employees to be recognized, appreciated, and rewarded for their good work.  Additionally, how to celebrate and share the success that drives employee engagement.

Manage, retain, and recognize top talent with staff recognition programs that can be custom made for your organization.  Traditional programs may fall flat—Use experience to build engagement and motivation.  You will be advised of employee appreciation rewards to keep the employee happy, engaged and motivated.  Creating a recognition program is a start---so if you don’t have one, this is your opportunity to get to know how.  Because great organizations constantly reevaluate the ways they reward their employees.  As an organization do you recognize good work and share it publicly?

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Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • identify employee recognition examples to assist in retaining top talent.
  • guide teams in developing employee recognition programs.
  • create a system for collecting recognitions and how it can be used effectively with leadership.
  • adapt meaningful gestures of gratitude and sharing throughout the organization.