Nonprofit Policy Community Conversations


Impacting Policy Together.

Nonprofit Policy Community Conversations bring together nonprofit leaders and local elected officials to discuss public policy issues important to charitable nonprofits and the people and communities they serve.

Each policy conversation begins with a briefing on the state's legislative priorities, nonprofit sector trends, and potential public policy solutions and challenges for nonprofits in 2024 and beyond. Participants are then invited to share and discuss the state and federal public policy issues of particular interest to local nonprofits.

Hosted in partnership with the seven Community Foundations across the state and held at locations in these areas:


We believe every Mississippian can achieve family economic success thru access to good jobs and living wages, work support, thriving businesses, savings, and enough wealth to pass on to future generations resulting in economic mobility. 

For more information, contact:
Jamie Rasberry
Director | Policy and Strategic Partnerships


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