Excellence in Action (EIA) Certification


Are you looking for a certificate to help you, your team and your board better manage your nonprofit and your day-to-day operations? If so, the Excellence In Action (EIA) nonprofit management certificate is for you. EIA is designed to meet the needs of today’s nonprofit professionals. A variety of instructional methods are used to provide engaging, practice-oriented learning experiences that are focused on knowledge, skills, and techniques that can immediately be implemented in your nonprofit organization.

This certificate offers a relevant and innovative curriculum that provides participants with a strong foundation in nonprofit management, taught by instructors with extensive nonprofit experience, and is offered in-person and online.

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Opportunities in 2023

Extended Session

Hybrid | 10AM-3PM
(Once a month for 3 months)

Fall 2023

September 13
The Value of Good Governance, Legal Accountability and Advocacy in the Nonprofit Sector

October 18
Nonprofit Finances, Fundraising and Evaluation

November 8
People Who Serve: Nonprofit Human Resources, Volunteer Management and Strategic Alliance

2-Day Boot Camp

In-Person Only | 9AM-4PM
(Two sessions per day)

Fall 2023

October 26
Nonprofit Finances, Fundraising and Evaluation

(Part 1)
People Who Serve: Nonprofit Human Resources, Volunteer Management and Strategic Alliance

October 27
Nonprofit Finances, Fundraising and Evaluation

(Part 2)
The Value of Good Governance, Legal Accountability and Advocacy in the Nonprofit Sector


In-Person Only | 9 AM- 4 PM

 September 13 or October 27

Step 2: Payment

After we receive your application we will contact you. You will receive a custom payment link.
Individual Certification:
Organizational Certification*:
$2,000 | 3 Team Members
+$750 | One Additional Team Member
+$500 | Per Additional Team Member
*Includes a Peer-Review Site Visit

Key Features

Guest Speakers & Trainers
Experts and leaders from a variety of nonprofit, philanthropic, and public sectors.

Comprehensive Instructional Approach
Whole Group Instruction | Cohort Model | Peer-Review Site Visit

Proven Quality
400+ Participants
150+ Certified Organizations
140+ Certified Individuals
75% Increase in Board Member Satisfaction

Certified Fund Raising Executive Points
Receive 15 CEU Points

Here is what our participants have shared about why they chose the EIA Nonprofit Management Certificate:

  • Technologically relevant and innovative curriculum that provides members with a strong foundation in nonprofit management

  • EIA Nonprofit Management Certificate provides increased marketability in the industry

  • Ability to enable strategic change within their organizations

  • Participants enhance network through an expanded leadership cohort of peers and support

  • Gain an awareness of emerging trends in the nonprofit sector

  • Knowledgeable and accessible instructors

Additional advantages

  • A robust network of established experts and course colleagues that share best-practices and offer guidance and support.

  • All Instructors have extensive nonprofit experience and work in the nonprofit sector.

  • An interactive, adult-learning environment

  • Immediate and accessible knowledge and tools that strengthen necessary skills, improve efficiency and provide the ability to implement best practices of high-impact nonprofit organizations.

What Participants Say

"Although I have worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years, the EIA experience provided immediate and usable tools that helped enhance my knowledge to become a more skilled nonprofit professional. It was great to interact face-to-face with individuals of all educational backgrounds and levels of experience that were committed to their organization’s mission and seeking to advance in their professional development just like me. I learned up-to-date trends affecting the nonprofit sector today and ways to lead and manage staff, volunteers, and board members more effectively. The knowledge learned in strategic planning, marketing, fundraising and resource development is invaluable."

"The EIA Certificate program allowed me to develop my professional growth as a nonprofit leader, as well as identify where my organization was at risk in all the critical components. Each certification provided unique, comprehensive tools I could immediately implement. The instructors were ‘masters’ in their field of expertise and provided insight into real-life applications. The information was so valuable I could not take the certifications fast enough! The nonprofit sector has long awaited a certification program of this caliber. It was well worth the investment of both my time and money."

“Our museum completed The EIA Certification Program in 2016.  Because we improved our organizational capacity thru EIA, we submitted an improved grant application with solid data that earned us a grant award of over one million dollars to expand the museum.  We fully credit EIA with preparing us for this opportunity.”

“Very good. Excellent program. Should be mandatory for all board members.”

“I learned so much more in EIA than I did in my master’s Social Work Program. This should be required for MCSW’s!”

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