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Is ChatGPT Going to Destroy my Nonprofit or Foundation Job? Probably, but it’s for the Best.

Unless you have been on a media fast, you have probably heard about ChatGPT, which is an AI language model developed by Open AI. It launched publicly at the end of November 2022
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A Plea for Philanthropic Freedom

Published in the chronicle of philanthropy By Darren Walker, Heather Templeton Dill, Kathleen Enright, Sam Gill, Brian Hooks and Elise Westhoff The United States has a strong, globally respected tradition of independent philanthropy that includes and is exemplified by the nation’s private foundations.
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Lessons From a Merger

In April 2019, the Mississippi Association of Grantmakers and the Mississippi Center for Nonprofits joined forces to create a new entity, the Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy. All aspects of the alliance, including its structure, programming, leadership, and partnerships, now focus on building strong relationships and creating opportunities for mutual learning, sharing, and networking between grant makers and nonprofits.
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What Is the True Cost of a 1:1 Device Program? One State’s Careful Rollout Offers a Lookur title here

As summer vacation winds down, thousands of devices—including Chromebooks, iPads, and laptops—are in the care of school district IT departments. There, the devices have had updates installed, missing keys replaced, cracked screens repaired and decorative stickers removed. Soon, if not already, those updated and repaired computing devices will be returned to students for the new academic year.
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