Continuing the Momentum of Progress

What are some good quotes for IWD and this month?

Sharing a quote is a simple way to preserve women’s history and continue the momentum of progress for women everywhere.  Before you share, be sure to understand the context and purpose of what was said, and make sure you’re using those quotes in a way that would align with the values of the people who said or wrote them.   We pulled a few with a link to more!

Activities and honors to celebrate IWD and throughout the month!

Watch a documentary about women’s rights.
Add some new podcasts to your queue.
Learn about the challenges women and girls face around the world.
Donate to organizations that support women and girls.
Shop women-owned and women-led businesses.
Attend an International Women’s Day event.
Have a dance party to an all-woman playlist.
Have a women filmmakers movie marathon.

At Work / In Office

  • Turn your good intentions    into real change.
  • Highlight IWD  and Women’s History in your  company newsletter.
  • Volunteer with or match employee donations to a nonprofit.

At School / With Students

  • Read books and poems by women writers — and then discuss them.
  • Give presentations about women and girls changing      the world.
  • Decorate your classroom.
  • Discuss the importance of women’s access to education.

On Social Media

  • Follow & amplify the voices of diverse women creators outside of your bubble.
  • Help end the cycle of gender-based harassment online.

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