EIA: Become a Supporter


Your Support Matters!

The Excellence in Action Nonprofit Management Certification program has supported individuals and organizations for over a decade. Individuals and organizations have benefited immensely from a curriculum in national best practices that we have compiled into our Principles & Standards for Nonprofit and Philanthropy Excellence ©. Over the last year, we have worked extremely hard to take this impactful program and revamp it to make it even more effective.

We know that organizational leaders, nonprofits, philanthropies, and board members are looking for resources such as Excellence in Action, but don't necessarily know where to find it and/or have the time and resources to engage. It is with this in mind that in 2021, we are offering EIA in three different models. Participants can now become certified in a two-day boot camp, a three-month moderately paced approach and a six-month gradual approach.  More details about EIA and these program options can be found here.

As funders, your voice and endorsement carry enormous weight when trying to help individuals and organizations determine if EIA is a valuable use of their capital, which we maintain it absolutely is. Therefore, we are asking for your help and support. We want to post on the website philanthropies and funders who endorse the EIA certification. Please take a moment and review the four types of endorsement levels below, one of which we hope is right for you and your organization. After you have made your decision, complete the form. Any organization that endorses EIA will receive the EIA Certification Seal, which can be placed on your website.

We truly appreciate the work you do and know that the more highly-qualified institutions in MS supporting our children, families, and communities, the stronger their long-term outcomes will be and the healthier MS as a whole will be.

Each level includes the previous and builds in level of support, with Platinum as the most comprehensive.

Bronze Level

Institutions that believe the EIA Certification will improve the capacity of individuals and organizations, and when implemented with fidelity, can lead to sustainable success.

Silver Level

Institutions that provide sponsorships to individuals and organizations seeking to become EIA Certified.

Gold Level

Institutions that build EIA Certification into their grant awards.

Platinum Level

Institutions that give special priority and recognition to grant applicants who are EIA Certified.