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Alisha J. Perry

Alisha Perry

Alisha J. Perry, CFRE

Certified Fundraising Executive

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

I have placed in local Scrabble tournaments.

I recently became a master gardener.



Alisha Johnson Perry is a seasoned fundraising professional with a 16-year career marked by her effective leadership and collaborative approach within nonprofit sectors. Throughout her career, Alisha has demonstrated expertise in developing and executing strategic fundraising plans, securing over $20 million in philanthropic support for causes spanning racial justice, immigrants' rights, education, and food justice.

Alisha's collaborative style involves close coordination with colleagues, board members, and donors, ensuring a cohesive effort to achieve organizations' philanthropic goals. She values cultivating strong relationships with both public and private contributors as fundamental in advancing the missions of the organizations she has served.

A significant highlight of Alisha's career is her achievement of the Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) certification, underscoring her commitment to ethical and effective fundraising practices.

Beyond her professional achievements, Alisha enjoys diverse hobbies, including walking, Scrabble, gardening, and writing. She has authored philanthropy articles and enjoys writing and reading poetry and diverse children's books.

Areas of Expertise

Donor Relationships | Strategic Planning | Donor Engagement | Event Planning | Grant Writing | DEIB | Mentorship