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Kimberly Massey

Kimberly Massey

Kimberly Massey

President / Consultant

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

I have moved 17 times in my life and lived in 5 states. I have lived in our current home in Pearl for eight years (the longest anywhere ever) and the feeling of being settled is amazing.

I dream of taking up hiking or dog agility training. I’m not sure which is going to win out.


Additional Information

My mission is to build capacity for small and start-up charities to learn the essentials to achieve success in advancing their mission. Our goal is to help the person with passion create a viable, legally operating, and effective organization and move from start-up to sustainability. Or, help the person with passion but few resources find a great fit for sharing their passion and still advancing their mission.

My preferred teaching style for start-up or “start-over” clients is built around long-term coaching, but I am also available for Board and management short-term training on Board engagement, fiscal management, and select topics.



Kimberly Massey has worked for over 25 years in the nonprofit sector, with seven of those in direct service and seven as Director or CEO. She has experience in many social service and health fields, including teen pregnancy, youth services, mental health and special needs, and health disparities. Kimberly has been instrumental in starting five nonprofits in Alabama and Mississippi, leading to a special interest in helping establish sustainable new organizations today.

In 2016, Kimberly formed Thrive South, LLC, a consulting company that helps small and start-up charities increase their capacity in fiscal management, governance, diversity, and sustainability. Kimberly has a special interest in creating a catalyst for lasting change by advancing equity through the charitable sector.

Kimberly earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Alabama, with an emphasis on nonprofit planning and administration. She and her husband James have been married for 26 years. They live in Mississippi with their daughter Katelyn. Their family loves animals, especially dogs. They currently provide a home to two awesome dogs and a turtle and will likely expand (to more pets!) soon. Kimberly’s favorite thing to do is hang out reading with a dog in her lap and her family nearby, or working on a nonprofit project with a dog in her lap and her family nearby. The Massey’s are quite likely the most boring people in Mississippi.

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