Nonprofit Member Spotlight | Family Biz Builder

Peggie Henderson
Executive Director
Family Biz Builder
Tunica, MS

A beacon of empowerment

Family Biz Builder (FBB) is a transformative force in Tunica County, Mississippi. Since 2014, FBB, a compassionate 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth training and development organization, has been the guiding light for countless low-income, at-risk children aged 5-17 and their families across Tunica, Coahoma, and Desoto Counties.

FBB’s mission is a beacon of empowerment: to uplift communities through comprehensive education, character building, and training for youth and families.

Family Biz Builder confronts a pressing challenge: addressing the dual crisis of low literacy and insufficient youth development. This area, marked by educational disparities, requires targeted interventions to uplift its youth through enhanced literacy, character, and life skill programs.  A significant portion of youth in these counties face educational hurdles. Strikingly, over 70% of students in Tunica and Coahoma and over 45% in Desoto County read below proficient levels.

FBB’s College & Career Readiness Program, in collaboration with Winward Academy and part of the National Junior Tennis & Learning network under the USTA Foundation, aims ambitiously to enhance key academic skills in English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing by 20% by June 2024. This program has already shown significant strides in 2023, improving academic performance and emotional intelligence. The Sports & Fitness NJTL Program is another cornerstone of FBB’s impact. Integrating character-building and life skills with tennis, this program, supported by the USTA Foundation, transforms tennis into a tool for holistic youth development. Participants gain not just physical health benefits and boosted self-esteem but also reduced risky behaviors and enhanced leadership skills.

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