Note from the Associate Director

Ellen Collins
Ellen Collins
Associate Director
MS Alliance Ex

Greetings friends,

Women have always been at the forefront of social change movements, lending their voices and giving their time and money to address social and humanitarian needs. We all know of Clara Barton and the founding of the Red Cross in 1881, or Mary McLeod Bethune, the educator and philanthropist who founded Bethune-Cookman College. Jane Addams founded the first settlement house in the United States that provided services to poor working families on Chicago’s West Side. These services included daycare for working mothers, job training, and other vital needs for immigrants and were delivered mainly by women in the community. As we look inward at our state, we find Mississippi women making their mark in history as  leaders of bold and transformative nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.  

Some of them are featured in this month’s Ally, but many others are also lending their voices, time, and resources to solve some of our most pressing and challenging issues. These women are working tirelessly to have stronger communities and thriving children and families across the state. The Alliance supports these history-making women and their organizations by providing the tools and training needed to increase their capacity and effectiveness. We serve as a connector and convener for those focused on a central issue and promote practical policy solutions to the problems identified by our members. This month and every day, we salute the history-making women in our state.



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