Note from the Executive Director

Sammy Moon
Sammy Moon Executive Director MS Alliance

I believe it is still appropriate to say Happy New Year even though January is now over! It is my sincere hope that 2023 will be a healthy, productive, and prosperous year for everyone, especially for you wonderful folks working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. I know the workload will continue to be substantial, but here’s hoping that resources and supports will be sufficient for you to do the work that needs to be done.

It is also my hope that 2023 will bring less social, economic, and political turmoil at all levels. If there are ways to bridge gaps, seek reconciliation, build consensus, and grow respect for others then we need to be working toward these ends. Recognition of differences and the opportunities for growth that come from realizing the differences is not necessarily bad – in fact it is actually quite exciting.

We at The Alliance continue our quest for better understanding and action related to diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging (DEIAB), and we encourage you to do the same. Recognizing that the DEIAB commitment is not a one-time learning experience, but rather an on-going lifetime effort is critical. We are on a journey, not participating in a sprint.

Black History Month (February) and other notable times when DEIAB values get lifted up are very important because it encourages us to join with others both in celebration of progress made, but also in recognition of what still has to be done. But a designation on the calendar should never be interpreted as implying that we should only pay attention during that particular time. It must be on-going!

So, let’s use Black History Month to recommit ourselves to the DEIAB efforts that are so important. We are stronger together than separate! I will always believe that to be true.

All the best,


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