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Human Resources and Professional Development

The ability of an organization to make the best use of the energy, time and talents of its employees is essential for creating successful organizational results. Nonprofits and philanthropies should place a high priority on exercising fair and equitable human resource and volunteer practices that attract, retain, and highly engage qualified employees and volunteers. These practices should foster an environment that recognizes, affirms, and values diversity, racial equity, and inclusion in all endeavors. Staff development and training provides staff and volunteers with opportunities for growth and advancement and is crucial for institutional knowledge throughout the organization. Nonprofits and philanthropies have an obligation to adhere to all legal employment practices and to provide a safe work environment. They should establish specific policies and practices that promote cooperation and open and effective communication in the organization to fulfill the mission.

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Nonprofit Policy Toolkit

Sample Employee Ethics Policy

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Perfromance Planning of Counseling Evaluations

Creating A Staff Development Program