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Strategic Directions & Alliances

Strategic planning is an integral process for boards, staff, volunteers, constituents and all stakeholders to plan for future programming, outcomes, direction, and sustainability. All aspects of the organization should be considered in creating a strategic plan and adopting clear strategic priorities that can be acted upon, guide the organization’s decision-making and are revisited regularly. Strategic plans contribute to strategic partnerships and alliances. The effectiveness of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations depends on successful relationships with other community institutions. Regardless of form – partnership, collaboration, cooperation or coordination – these relationships,or strategic alliances, can serve a variety of purposes, including resource sharing, policy influence and improved operational efficiency. Nonprofits and philanthropies should be open to strategic alliances and, when appropriate, should partner with other organizations to strengthen their capability to achieve desired outcomes. Nonprofits and philanthropies should initiate and promote cooperation and coordination between a variety of entities to avoid unnecessary duplication of services to maximize the resources available to the communities they serve.

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