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Ivonne Simms

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Candid's Foundation Directory Online Grantmaker Training

Principle & Standard

4. Fundraising

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Course Description

Is your organization conveying a clear message and attracting partners that are a good fit? Come learn how nonprofits use Foundation Directory Online (FDO), the most comprehensive prospect research tool for fundraisers, to fund their work. You can peek from the other side and understand how your organization and peer organizations appear in this important tool.

And can your funding peers and potential grantee partners easily find you to learn from your knowledge? Millions of searches are conducted each year on Candid’s tools to find funding partners and peers. What do these queries reveal about your foundation? Is the data we are sharing up to date or only telling part of the story? This training will also walk you through the process of leveraging Candid’s platforms to tell the story of your foundation’s work.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • describe how nonprofits use FDO
  • find out how your organization appears to nonprofits searching FDO for funding
  • identify funding connections and gaps using FDO
  • identify potential peers and partners, including nonprofits that may align with your mission and funding priorities
  • learn from what your funding peers are doing
  • share your most up-to-date grantmaking data on FDO