US National Nonprofit Day | August 17

You’re being celebrated this month. Here’s why!

Each year in the United States August 17 is recognized as National Nonprofit Day to commemorate nonprofit organizations’ ongoing efforts to serve and impact local communities and their significance throughout the country. Tackling some of society’s toughest challenges and tirelessly working to help promote awareness, offer assistance and other activities that contribute to shaping our society and provide hope for a brighter future is definitely worth a celebration!

Did you know the nonprofit sector…

Is the third-largest
employer in the US, employing over 12M?
Trailing only to retail and manufacturing!

Registers a quarter of the US population (332M) to volunteer?
We did the math – that’s 83 million!

Reached unprecedented heights in donations in the last 10 years?
With over 10% made via our mobile devices!

This national observance CELEBRATES YOU and ALL YOU DO!


Have plans to commemorative your special day? Please share it with us!

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