EIA Peer-Review site visit


A critical element of the EIA Organizational Certificnation is the Peer-Review Site Visit. After an organization has completed the EIA training, they will arrange for an EIA Certified Trainer to come to their location and review essential elements of the training. This is included in the cost of the overall certification, meaning there is no additional charge for this.

The visit takes approximately two hours. During this time, they will follow a standard rubric that is shared with the organization during the training. The trainer is guided by key elements that the MS Secretary of State's (SOS) office uses during their examinations.

For example, the rubric will indicate that the organization's bylaws are complete and accessible. The trainer will not review the bylaws but ensure that they are in-fact present and complete, such as the SOS' office would do when conducting their examination.

This is an invaluable process for the organization because it provides personalized attention from an expert who can identify gaps and opportunities, as well as provide advice and link concepts back to the Excellence in Action training.