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Latanya wilson

LaTanya Wilson

latanya wilson


Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Love to read and start new projects.

Love to travel and help others.



LaTanya Wilson holds a law degree in taxation and is highly experienced in accounting and business consulting. As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Diversified Services Management Group (DSMG), a full-service accounting and business consulting firm, LaTanya brings over 20 years of experience and an unmatched level of expertise to her clients. DSMG also includes the following non-profit organizations: Gifted Consulting, LLC, Harmony Reign, Inc., and Helping Others "Imbrace" God's Manifestations Inc.

LaTanya's journey in the field of accounting began in 2002 when she founded Gifted Consulting by FAITH. Over the years, she worked tirelessly to build business relationships and gain expertise in her field. Her hard work paid off when she was able to buy out another accounting firm and launch Diversified Services Management Group.

Throughout her career, LaTanya has worked with numerous like entities, performing audits and working with the IRS agent on client audits. Her expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service to her clients have helped her grow her business and establish a reputation as a trusted accounting and business consulting professional.

LaTanya's passion for accounting and business consulting is evident in her work, and she looks forward to continuing to provide exceptional service to her clients for many years to come.


Accounting | Auditing | Compliance | Financial Management