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Sharon Griffin

Dr. Sharon Griffin

Dr. Sharon Griffin

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Learning to cook more and love it.

Participating in health challenges.



Certified Educational Consultant, 2017- present

Certified Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator

Health and Disability Producer, MS


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Dr. Sharon Griffin is a faculty member at the University of Memphis. She develops and implements long-term marketing research communication and branding vision and strategy and assists and implements new technology commercialization research communications activities. This includes overseeing advanced technologies to market and advancing start-up entrepreneurs as it relates to their research, and working with emerging technologies and applications partners within public/private sectors, workforce, and economic development, forming a highly collaborative environment to conceive experiments, internships/practicum learning, conduct research and analyze data, and implement research options in the fast-growing emerging technology field with a focus on interdisciplinary applications combining diverse scientific perspectives. She also assists with partners’ written communications, articles, business plans, and stories for publications.

She was a professor of marketing at the College of Business at Belhaven, Alcorn State, and Jackson State Universities. Griffin’s research explores the role of intuition, gut feelings, and nonconscious processes concerning consumer choice and behavior. Several fundamental motivations–such as individuals’ relationships with people and products, culture, cultural influence, and relying on feelings for information–provide the foundation for Griffin’s research, each affecting choice and behavior systematically, yet subtly. She is diligently focusing on publishing her work in leading academic journals (Journal of Consumer Research, Social Cognition, hopeful of receiving recognition for her doctoral dissertation and reviewing for the American Marketing Association.

Before academia, Dr. Griffin worked as a Director of Unified Initiatives, Director of Education, National Trainer, Director of Marketing, Executive Director, Consultant, and Area Marketing Manager. She managed corporate marketing and communications and oversaw marketing strategies, brand, public relations, media relations, and advertising. As Principal of SDG and Associates, she provided training and support for improving retention and academic success strategies for traditional and non-traditional students in public institutions. She trained five teams of faculty and professional tutors to develop workshops and courses in math, business, and life study skills.

Dr. Griffin is also a marketing consultant in good standing at the Mississippi Alliance of Non-Profits and Philanthropy, a small minority business, and other interested parties.  Her services include but not limited to communication, marketing, social media, advertising, governance, diversity and inclusion, advocacy, finance, fundraising, evaluation, HR, volunteer management, workforce and economic development, and strategic alliances, collaborating with sales, marketing, advertising, product design, and product development team members to plan promotional marketing campaigns, create editorial and content creation calendars for various media platforms and outlets, negotiate billboard placement and traditional media ads on TV, radio, social media ads, and email blasts and assists clients with brand guidelines, goals, budgets, and timelines. She serves as President/CEO of Start Now Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization whose mission involves education and health.

Griffin is an active member of the Community Health Advocacy Network, American Marketing Association, Women in Higher Education, Association of Educators.  In her spare times she loves to travel.


Awards & Recognitions

Best in Marketing Award 2018

Community Service Award 2017