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Terrence Green

Terrence Green, Jr (2)

Terrence Green

Animator | Digital Marketer | Trainer

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Star basketball player in high school

Enjoy checkers



Terrance (TJ) brings 10 years of experience in the animation industry. His company prides itself in creativity, expertise, and attention to detail, ensuring every project delivers exceptional results. Through animations, they empower their clients to effectively educate their audience, enhance their brand image, drive engagement, train staff, and leverage the power of animation for impactful marketing and help corporate businesses and government departments overcome these hurdles through the power of animation. His mission is to provide visually captivating animations that simplify information and engage viewers, enabling them to understand and appreciate the digital marketing landscape.

With a deep understanding of the challenges his clients face they utilize cutting-edge animation techniques to transform complex ideas into easily digestible and memorable content and ensure each animation created aligns with their goals, target audience, and unique requirements. Whether you need to explain a new program, promote products and services, or communicate important messages, our animations are tailored to your specific needs, they take complex information and transform it into visually appealing content that resonates with viewers, simplifying the digital marketing world.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing | Animation | Marketing


Young Enterprenuer of the Year
City of Memphis Office of Business Diversity and Compliance (2022)

Humanitarian of the Year - Blacks in Nonprofits (2021)

“TJs ability to take a concept and bring it to reality enhanced our brand and helped us tailor our messaging for elevated impact within our target audience.  Animation has set us apart!  Looking forward to future projects.”  - Xavier Sanders, Executive Director, BarbaraCares