Note from the Executive Director

Sammy Moon
Sammy Moon Executive Director MS Alliance

Greetings friends,

As I have said before, Fall is my favorite time of year, and it seems as though we may actually get to experience it this year! The last week has provided cool, calm, and clear days that truly lets us know the leaves will soon be changing colors, and we can begin to think about hot chocolate with marshmallows! Of course, it also means the bewitching time of year when we decorate and dress up like ghouls and goblins, passing out treats to the youngsters that come our way.

With all the joy and excitement Fall and Halloween brings let’s please not forget that we have fellow citizens that are unable to experience the full joy of the season — especially those individuals impacted by Hurricane Ian. Floridians are now living with the aftermath of the second costliest storm (next to Katrina) in our country’s history, and the costs are not just financial. As we know disasters take lives, livelihoods, and belongings that will never be recovered. Let’s please keep those impacted in our most positive thoughts.

As always, nonprofit organizations will play a critical role in the response and recovery efforts in Florida and other places impacted by the storm. This always reminds us of the vital role nonprofits and philanthropy plays in ensuring our individual and collective well-being – both in times of stability, but even more so in times of disaster. We at the Alliance offer thanks for all you do year-round, but especially during times of special challenges.

May we all take time as we enter the Fall season to think about those individuals and organizations that provide us with the bounty needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This issue of The Ally lifts up those working in the agricultural realm – an incredibly important sector for Mississippi. Our history is steeped in the fact that this state is dependent on agriculture for our livelihoods, economic success, and health.

Let’s celebrate that history, and let’s recognize the role that nonprofit and philanthropic organizations play in supporting agriculture and the products and services that come from agriculture. This is the season to pay tribute to those that work daily to prevent food deserts in the state, to create a more robust agricultural economy, to educate about healthy food choices, and to ensure adequate and appropriate nutritional diets for our children and their families.

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween to each of you! We wish you nothing but health and bounty in the years to come!


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