Sammy Moon

Oct 1 2022

Note from the Executive Director

Sammy Moon Executive Director MS Alliance Greetings friends, As I have said before, Fall is my favorite time of year, and it seems as though we may actually get to ...
Ellen Collins

Oct 1 2022

Tricks & Treats from The Alliance Team

What is something you do in your professional life that makes you successful? Schedule time on your calendar  for reflection, contemplation, and rest. Whenever you encounter an unfamiliar term or ...

Oct 1 2022

Introducing The Killebrew Foundation:

Sammy Moon Executive Director MS Alliance Keath Killebrew was born an identical mirror twin. Keath and his brother Heath were exact mirrors of each other in looks and personality. Keath ...

Tricks & Treats from Alliance Trainers & Consultants

What are some sweet success strategies for nonprofit professionals? Consistency matters! If you want stronger fundraising, make sure your website and social media are up to date and consistent in ...

Oct 1 2022

Growing Regional Food Systems & Economies

In 2016, some Black, Indigenous, and Asian American food systems stakeholders and allies from across the state of Mississippi were able to convene together for the first time to dream ...

Oct 1 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Making Strides movement raises lifesaving funds that support breast cancer patients, survivors, thrivers, and caregivers through every step of the journey. We’ve enhanced digital offerings available to anyone across ...
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