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Creating a Great Nonprofit

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New and small nonprofits frequently struggle for years to be viable.  Establishing a solid foundation early is the best way to increase the odds of success and sustainability. This model is designed to provide ease of entry for nonprofits.  This is designed to be a structured consulting opportunity. Each participant will be paired with an expert consultant who will walk them through the in-depth curriculum and start-up process. By going through this learning track you will launch your organization on a stronger footing than many others ever achieve.

Program Coordinators

Mary Ellen Calvert

Mary Ellen Calvert

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Kimberly Massey

Kimberly Massey

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12 Month Comprehensive Program

Strong Safety & Health Measures in Place w/ Virtual Participation Options Available

High-Quality Renowned Curriculum

MS Alliance Principles & Standards for Nonprofit & Philanthropy Excellence

Incredible Guest Speakers & Trainers

Experts and Leaders from a Variety of Nonprofit, Philanthropic, and Public Sectors

Products of the Program

Legal & Tax Forms
Board Development Plan
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan
Evaluation Plan
HR/Staffing Plan
Strategic Plan

Low Cost

$2,500 (non-members)
$2,250 (members)

Staggered Payment Schedule

Part 1 & 2: $700/650
Part 3 & 4: $700/650
Part 5 & 6: $700/650
Part 7: $400/300

Comprehensive Instructional Approach

Whole Group Instruction
Small-Group Workshops
One-on-One Consulting

Structured Consultation Learning Syllabus