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LeKesha Perry

LeKesha Perry

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Grant Writing:
Tips for Writing a Compelling Story with SMART Goals in Mind

Principle & Standard

4. Fundraising

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Course Description

In this training, participants will learn about tips to keep in mind when writing an effective grant. This training is designed for participants who are looking to align their grant stories with SMART goals and objectives. Is the story aligned with specific objectives? Are those objectives measurable? Are the objectives achievable? Do you have the resources to pull off your proposed efforts? Is the project/program time-bound? Participants will learn the importance of telling an effective and compelling story and then how to leverage that story to help stand out to funders.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • identify key components in telling an effective story for grant writing.
  • identify the key components of a SMART goal and objective and how these connect to their stories.