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Michael Goss

Michael Goss

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I'm Faithful but am I Legal?
Legal Matters for Religious Nonprofits

Principle & Standard

5. Governance

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Course Description

Religious institutions work extremely hard to be faithful to the mission they've been given to work and serve, but are they faithful to the legal and fiduciary administration of their organization? If you're like most of them, that raises at least a few questions - so, let's invest some time together to ensure we are approaching the legal aspects of our organization with the same focus, passion, and skill with which we are approaching our mission! In this half-day training, we will examine important topics like effective organizational structures for boards, officers, and members, responsibilities that come with incorporation, understanding the role of bylaws and the importance of keeping them up-to-date, the "Good Samaritan" law, and other risk management principles, tax-exempt status and what it means to your organization, etc. You will be equipped with helpful resources to leave this training with more clarity and confidence to lead in your organization.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • utilize at least five resources to guide them in future legal and fiduciary matters, one of them being this training.
  • identify the highest priority opportunity within their organization and articulate the next step in taking action to address that opportunity.