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Mary Ellen Calvert

Mary Ellen Calvert

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Nancy Perret

Nancy Perret

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Nonprofit Governance, Accountability, Advocacy

Part 1/3 of the Alliance's Excellence in Action: Nonprofit Management Certificate Program

Principles & Standards

5. Governance

8. Legal Accountability & Advocacy

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Course Description

Whether you are a nonprofit staff leader or board member, you need to know how to build a strong
board, comply with a myriad of legal requirements, and appropriately engage the community and policymakers. This class will focus on best practices for boards and legal requirements for all nonprofits and will provide you with critical information to strengthen your organization’s policies, procedures, and practices.

This is part 1 or 3 of the Excellence in Action Certification. If you would like to complete the certification don't forget to attend part 2: Nonprofit Finance, Fundraising, Evaluation on 8/13 and part 3: Nonprofit HR, Volunteer Mgmt, Strategic Alliance on 10/8.

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