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Serrie Fung

Serrie Fung

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The Art of Nonprofit Storytelling

Principle & Standard

7. Leadership and Organizational Culture

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Course Description

Storytelling is a critical piece of a nonprofit's communications strategy, and it's even more important when we're faced with too much information and too little time. In a time when we're all craving connection and authenticity, how can your nonprofit use effective storytelling to connect with your stakeholders - your clients, donors, volunteers, and partners? What stories should you be telling? How should you adapt your communications during a time like this? How can you use effective storytelling across all your channels, including on social media?

In this virtual training, we'll explore:
- Why storytelling is so important (and even more so during a crisis!)
- Types of stories to tell
- Adapting stories to be used across different channels
- Sharing stories responsibly & ethically

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • identify types of stories to tell and when to use each type to be most impactful
  • adapt stories to be used effectively across various channels
  • create a system for collecting, storing, and sharing stories in their organization