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Christie Lawrence

Christie Lawrence

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Tips & Tricks: Managing Your Virtual Team

Principle & Standard

6. Human Resources & Professional Development

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Course Description

Ready to be a great manager? Whether you are a new or experienced manager, managing remote employees can be challenging. Especially, if you have never had any remote employees before. To be a good manager, you must understand:

1) the common challenges employees face when working remotely
2) how to provide clear expectations
3) what technology and supplies remote employees need
4) learn activities to help remote employees manage work-life balance.

Understanding this information will give you confidence and empower you to successfully manage and build virtual teams. Dive into the world of virtual managing and learn the best tips & tricks to lead your teams with Christie.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • list three to five of the most common challenges managers face with remote employees.
  • identify three to five top issues employees have when working remotely.
  • list four ways or strategies to successfully manage remote employees.
  • identify three best practices for employee engagement and productivity.