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Jan Eastman

Jan Eastman

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Nonprofit Strategic Planning: Outcomes & Impact

Principle & Standard

2. Evaluation

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Course Description

How do you know if your nonprofit is making a difference?

Impact is the difference your nonprofit makes: There’s the work you do, and the results that flow from it. More and more nonprofits, grantmakers, and government partners, are focusing on outcomes, rather than “outputs.” All of this is referred to variously as, “outcomes measurement,” or “performance management,” or simply, “evaluation.” in an environment of increasingly limited resources, those nonprofits that can demonstrate that they are truly making an impact will be the ones most likely to attract resources and talent, and therefore be most sustainable.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • incorporate outcomes measurements into the programs/services offered.
  • incorporate the eight (8)-step process for developing and measuring outcomes into strategic planning.
  • address the issues and limitations of outcomes measurement.