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Serrie Fung

Serrie Fung

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Creating Order Out of Chaos - Planning Your Communications When Everything Is Changing

Principle & Standard

7. Leadership and Organizational Culture

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Course Description

Running around like a headless chicken. Putting out fires. Getting stuck in the weeds. Do these metaphors feel familiar to you? Nonprofit communications can sometimes feel like a never-ending checklist of newsletters to send, social media posts to schedule, and press releases to write.

But nonprofit communications is so much more than that, and the most effective communications leaders and teams are those who can plan for the future while staying flexible to changes. In this workshop, we'll do a quick audit on your current communications efforts, explore tools to help you be proactive rather than reactive, and discuss how to work with those around you to stay focused and limit the chaos.

Whether you're planning an upcoming holiday campaign or preparing for next year, we'll explore strategies for helping you to get organized. This session is designed for anyone who oversees communications (or manages one part of communications such as a newsletter) at their organization.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • conduct a simple assessment on their organization's communications efforts.
  • use editorial calendars to manage your communications across multiple channels.
  • implement their own systems and processes for staying organized.