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Jan Eastman

Jan Eastman

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Pre-application Training for Potential Grantees (How to Get the Money)

Principle & Standard

4. Fundraising

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Course Description

After you find a grant opportunity, there are two basic steps to follow for grant writing: planning the content and writing/submitting the grant proposal. Learn the essential basics of grant writing so you can write more persuasive proposals to secure more resources for your organization. We will look at the sections that are common to most grant applications and learn how to research, build, and save them for ‘cpa’ work—cut, paste, and attach--for future grants. We’ll also cover the actual writing, formatting, and submission of the grant proposal.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • plan and develop the content of a grant proposal that is re-usable.
  • write and submit the grant proposal according to the guidelines.