A message from your executive director…

Ellen Collins
Ellen Collins, Executive Director
MS Alliance

I’ve always loved the month of September.   Not only because it’s the month I was born, but also because of the profound changes it brings.  From hot, humid days to cooler mornings and nights; the leaves start to lose their lushness, and the afternoon sun dims.  Sometimes, change can be hard. Yet sometimes, change can bring feelings of optimism, hope, excitement and heighten our anticipation for what’s to come.

Over the past several months our state experienced a multitude of crises and challenges. Tornadoes have devastated communities, hospitals closed or are cutting back on services, with many still at risk of closure – however, we’ve also achieved some significant wins. The legislature extended postpartum Medicaid coverage, providing mothers with a year of needed healthcare which will improve health outcomes for both them and their babies; and we’ve witnessed Mississippians unite and rally together to help support and aid our communities in need. 

Next month, the Alliance will host its Nonprofit & Philanthropy Leadership Conference 2023 on Thursday, October 12 at the Jackson Convention Complex in Jackson.  Our theme is Sparking Hope In the Sector.  How did we decide on this theme?  Because we believe ‘hope‘ is the spark that ignites amazing possibilities, fosters growth, innovation, and new opportunities.  We are the only statewide organization bringing together our nonprofit and philanthropic sectors to build on our strengths, enabling us to achieve greater impact.  We are excited about this opportunity to share our vision for what our local communities and state can become with leaders from both sides of the coin, coming together to build bridges and cultivate meaningful connections that bring us closer to our common goal – producing better futures for Mississippi children, families, and its communities.  If you have not yet registered, I personally encourage you to start making plans today to join us! 

We can’t build a better future without you!


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Ellen Collins

A message from your executive director…

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