Effective Volunteerism

Brandi Westbrook
Deputy Director
Volunteer Mississippi

As a native Mississippian, who has been actively involved in my community, I welcome the opportunity to serve as the Deputy Director of the Mississippi Commission of Volunteer Service (MCVS), also known as Volunteer Mississippi. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Belhaven College and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting from Mississippi College. I began my career in public accounting and joined state government in 2008 with the Department of Finance and Administration. I served as Director of Accounting and Finance and Deputy Director at the Office of State Aid Road Construction from 2010 to 2021. I have held positions on multiple boards and executive committees of nonprofit organizations and have spent years volunteering for various causes. I have a passion for volunteerism and advocacy, with a special emphasis on empowering members of marginalized groups. I hope to utilize my experience in finance, leadership, organizational guidance, and operations management to further the mission of MCVS/Volunteer Mississippi.   

Volunteer Mississippi’s mission is to engage and support Mississippians of all ages and backgrounds in service to their communities.  Established in 1994 as the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service, Volunteer Mississippi has encouraged a culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility to America. 

The most efficient and effective way to carry out this mission is through the Mississippi Hub Network for Volunteers and Nonprofits. In partnership with the Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy, the Hub Network is offered volunteer connection services, disaster-resilience programs, capacity-building training, and access to potential funders and funding programs. The Alliance also provides additional resources through the Innovations Lab.

Participants in the Innovations Lab will benefit an organization’s service efforts and further their mission and vision through custom research, market analysis, support in constructing an enhanced concept note and business plan. This information and support will help organizational leaders and boards make more informed decisions and be more effective in their stewardship roles. Participants spend considerable time working on storytelling and examining how to communicate the impact of their organization meaningfully. Organizations that have already been doing important work for the community will be able to expand their geographic reach. This means more service opportunities!

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