It All Boils Down To This

Michele D. Baker, CVA
Certified Volunteer Administrator, Editor, Consultant and Trainer

Hello, my name is Michele Baker. I’m an editor, consultant and trainer in Jackson, and I’ve held the international Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) credential for 15 years. During my time as a CVA, I have worked at the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service (now called Volunteer Mississippi) and with many smaller nonprofits like Mississippi Early Childhood Association (MECA); Mississippi Boychoir; and Crossroads Film Society, which produces the annual Crossroads Film Festival. I’ve also had the privilege of sitting on several local nonprofit boards – and a national board – to help them with their fundraising and volunteer goals.

Throughout this journey, I’ve learned much about nonprofits and volunteers, and it all boils down to this: always start with the mission. That is the guiding star for any nonprofit, and must be the first focus when assembling a board, recruiting volunteers, asking for money, writing grants, or reaching out to the wider community. Why did the founders get together and create this entity? What cause does the organization believe in? Keep the mission clearly at the front of every decision, large and small, and honesty and integrity will follow.

Join us for one (or both) of these volunteer-based events Michele will be facilitating during National Volunteer Week:


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