Excellence In Action

Operating an excellent nonprofit is difficult and requires substantial expertise. Organizations that have this capacity are more likely to achieve long-term success and have the type of meaningful impact they seek. The Alliance is here to help make that a reality with the Excellence in Action (EIA) Certification. 

Excellence In Action (EIA) offers a comprehensive, relevant, and innovative curriculum that provides participants with a strong foundation in nonprofit & philanthropy management, taught by instructors with extensive experience in the sector. Over the course of 10 years, our certification has become highly regarded by funders and connects you to a network of like-minded change agents.

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Individual Certification

Organizational Certification


What Participants Say

“Our museum completed The EIA Certification Program in 2016.  Because we improved our organizational capacity thru EIA, we submitted an improved grant application with solid data that earned us a grant award of over one million dollars to expand the museum.  We fully credit EIA with preparing us for this opportunity.”

“Very good. Excellent program. Should be mandatory for all board members.”

“I learned so much more in EIA than I did in my master’s Social Work Program. This should be required for MSCW’s!”

“The EIA Certificate program allowed me to develop my professional growth as a nonprofit leader, as well as identify where my organization was at risk in all the critical components. Each course provided unique, comprehensive tools I could immediately implement. The information was so valuable I could not take the courses fast enough! It was well worth the investment of both my time and money.”



Leaders from a diverse group of nonprofit, philanthropic, and public sectors


Leaders with their board members and team members and includes a peer-review site visit


Individuals or organizations where it has been four or more years since their last certification

Organizations where their leadership and board have changed to the point where the new team does not have the EIA content knowledge

Impact Data

Data Points

400 participants
150 organizations
140 certified individuals
65% organizational completion rate
75% increased satisfaction rate for board members

Organizational Impact

Nationally recognized and demonstrated excellent management practices

Linkage and leverage to high-quality national resources to increase the impact

Efficient & effective service delivery

Opportunity to leverage EIA principles in organizations for more focused impact, collaborations, and donations

In-depth awareness of the nonprofit & philanthropic sector issues, challenges, and solutions

Confidence in state and federal regulations compliance

Demonstrated impact, validated success

Key Features

Incredible Guest Speakers & Trainers

Experts and Leaders from a Variety of Nonprofit, Philanthropic, and Public Sectors

Low Cost

$2,000 Per Organization

+$750 One Additional Team Member

+$500 Every Additional Team Member

Comprehensive Instructional Approach

Whole Group Instruction 
Small-Group Workshops 
One-on-One Consulting 

High-Quality Renowned Curriculum

MS Alliance Principles & Standards for Nonprofit & Philanthropy Excellence:

Civic Engagement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Financial Management


Human Resources



Strategic Planning

Volunteer Management