Philanthropic Member Spotlight | Starkville Community Foundation

Stacey Parvin
Executive Director
Starkville Community Foundation
Starkville, MS

The easiest investment you can make is in your own backyard.

The Starkville Community Foundation a nonprofit organization designed to raise funds for projects and programs that make Starkville an incredible place to live. We are an affiliate of the CREATE Foundation out of Tupelo, Mississippi, and run by a local Board of Directors who LOVE Starkville and want to see our community THRIVE.

We know that investing in the community we love positively impacts all of us. When people invest in their community, everyone wins! Since 2005, we have been the place individuals, families, businesses, and organizations have invested in the well-being of all who call Starkville home.  SCF directs funds into civic, educational, health, human services, and cultural activities that improve everyone’s lives.

As executive director, it is a privilege to listen and learn from people what is loved most and needed most. We heard people were struggling, and were able to restart Helping Hands of Oktibbeha County, a safety net program geared to keep people in their homes by helping with a bill and building some support around them. We partnered with the City of Starkville and the Starkville Oktibbeha County School District to resurface the community tennis courts housed at Starkville High School. What a joy to put $1000 grants in the hands of eight innovative teachers so that they could implement their ideas to inspire and educate students.

SCF allows all of us to support these initiatives in three ways:

100 Women Who Care – supports our annual project grants through donations of $100. In three years, these women raised and poured $76,000 into local programs that impact youth, housing, job readiness, and more.

Community of 1000 – supports LARGE annual projects with deep impact. 100 donors give $1000 to create $100,000 for targeted investments with city and county leadership.

Legacy Funds – supports our growing endowment. For people who have invested their lives into Starkville, leaving a lasting legacy is one of the most meaningful ways to make your mark for the next generation by sustaining what you love about your hometown When you target giving, its impact deepens, and everything strengthens. Starkville Community Foundation is laser-focused on projects, agencies, and programs that will improve the quality of life for all who call Starkville home.

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