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Mary Ellen Calvert

Mary Ellen Calvert

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Nancy Perret

Nancy Perret

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Is Establishing a Nonprofit Right for Me?

Principle & Standard

3. Strategic Directions & Alliances

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Course Description

Do you want to start a nonprofit? As a pre-requisite to Establishing Excellence: Creating a Great Nonprofit, this training will help you better understand the world of nonprofits and the nonprofit sector both nationally and in Mississippi. This training will help you focus on your passion and determine how best to apply that passion to create the greatest impact and a clear plan to achieve that impact.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to...

  • understand the nonprofit sector.
  • clarify your mission.
  • provide focus and increase the ability to communicate what your organization does and doesn’t do.
  • develop basic knowledge of how to conduct a community resource mapping exercise/environmental scan related to your mission.