Nonprofit Member Spotlight | Hope Village for Children

Terri Province
Executive Director
Hope Village for Children
Meridian, MS

Leading each child to a place where HOPE is born
Hope Village for Children is an amazing nonprofit organization located in Meridian, MS.  For nearly 25 years, Hope Village has been a beacon of hope for foster children across all 82 counties in Mississippi, providing specialized treatment programs, services, and facilities of superior quality to meet the individual needs of children placed in the custody of Child Protection Services (CPS).

Hope Village’s commitment to serving the most vulnerable in our community is truly profound.  By offering a stable and nurturing environment, they have become a lifeline for children who might otherwise spend years navigating the complexities of the foster care system with a place to call “home.”  Hope Village transforms the lives of these children by providing not just a residence, but a genuine home where the staff, volunteers, and fellow residents on campus become an extended family.

One of the most commendable aspects of Hope Village is its dedicated focus on the success and long-term outcomes of its residents.  The organization goes beyond the immediate needs of the children by teaching essential independent living skills.  This approach ensures that, upon reaching maturity, these young individuals are well-equipped to become happy, healthy, and productive citizens, breaking the cycle of adversity they have faced. Hope Village’s impact extends far beyond providing shelter and support; it instills a sense of belonging, stability, and hope in the lives of countless children who have experienced the trauma of displacement.  The organization’s holistic approach to care, encompassing emotional, educational, and life skills development, sets it apart as a shining example of excellence in the nonprofit sector.

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